Healing the Core Wound

Trusting in Life

Healing of birth and seperationWith Aqua-Release®-Healing
Enhanced EFT trauma release therapy (Matrix Reimprinting)

♥ Sunday June 9th – Friday June 14th 2024 in Berlin/Germany

Healing paths for birth, separation and childhood trauma for adults
Balm for body, mind and soul

When a baby or young child experiences separation from the mother, the resulting deep wounds often persist for a lifetime. Some children have been placed in an incubator or a warming bed. Others are separated from their mother because either the mother or the child was ill. Often, toddlers are sent to the nursery far too early.
In some families tragic events happened and, as a result, the mother and father could not provide the child with warmth, trust and support.

Emotional wounds are rarely visible from outside.
Children who were separated from their parents often give up and stop crying altogether. Their ability to love, to trust and to bond is considerably shaken. Many adults are scared by the prospect of intimacy with a partner, hence feeling unfulfilled and unstable …

Balm for body, mind and soul

In the comfort of warm water you will be lovingly held by a partner. As you float, you start to let go
more and more, and you become aligned with who you are, whilst blending with water. Your partner holds you, moves you and gently rocks and massages you. The tension in your muscles starts to soften. Blockages dissolve.

Old psychological wounds, such as separation from your mother, with the associated pain and feeling of abandonment, can resurface and finally heal when you are lovingly held. If you feel ready, your partner can support you under water with a nose clip. You will be able to access new dimensions of safely letting go in a space of weightlessness.

You will float in the womb, in the ocean, in outer space. Primary images will gently emerge in your consciousness. You will have the oportunity to both be held and to hold others. As a partner, you will be thoroughly guided on to how to hold a partner in water. Likewise, holding a partner during an aqua session is a profound experience. You let go of everything you no longer need in the zero gravity, healing environment of the water.

The Seminar

We will spend 4 hours each day in the warm water.
There is a large pool exclusively for us.

We will spend as much time with each other in the seminarroom. The therapeutic exercises out of water reinforce the healing processes initiated in water and help to integrate those.

You will re-experience your birth – but in a different way – this time as an easy birth ending up being safely held and secure in your mother’s arms. Such an experience can overwrite and heal your often numbed feelings of separation and abandonment, as well as the despair associated with your initial memories. You can contemplate your life with new clarity on your goals and make new decisions. Your inner child emerges again. Long suppressed joy of life comes back to the surface.

Video – Aqua-Release® Healing

Aufstellungen, verlorener Zwilling - Seminare Berlin

Seminar location:

Located in the south of Berlin, only 40
minutes by public bus from the airport.

Close by you can lodge in Hotel Alpinia and private holiday apartments.


Registration and payment by May 5th 2024: 645 €
Registration and payment from May 6th 2024: 695 €
Including pool use and energy cost sharing


Alfred Ramoda Austermann
psychologist  MA/ alternative medicine practitioner


Bettina Austermann
social pedagogue MA/ alternative practitioner psychotherapy


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