Like New Born – Family Constellations with Aqua-Release®

With Aqua-Release® Healing
Family Constellations
Enhanced EFT trauma release therapy (Matrix Reimprinting)

Workshop with Alfred Ramoda Austermann and Bettina Austermann

Welcome home. At last.

Seminar held exclusively in English language (no translation)

July 6th – 11th 2024


Along your life path, you carry forward so many wounds from your past: family conflicts, karmic ties …
Those wounds slowed down your personal growth and burdened you. Essential questions remained unanswered. Now you can find your way back to your core. The ultimate answer is always love.

With Aqua-Release®Healing (established 1991) and family/systemic constellations we will guide you back to your roots. The huge healing power of warm water (at 36°C) will support you as you are lovingly held, massaged and moved around.

Blockages dissolve and the stress of the past few weeks and months is washed away. Old emotional wounds can emerge, together with the associated pain, and finally be healed through this safe and loving physical support. Wasserarbeit BerlinNew dimensions of devotion and basic trust can be activated through immersion with a nose clip. You will float in the womb, in the ocean, in outer space: an experience which words cannot describe.

You will be guided to safely hold or be held by a partner in the absence of gravity which one experiences whilst in water. This can trigger a deep healing experience for both partners, the one who holds and the one being held.

After a gentle and loving start in water, the subsequent group sessions in the seminar room will provide a powerful experience. The sharing of experiences and Life-Dance® will prepare you for healing family constellations, Enhanced EFT-Trauma releasing and rituals.


We all carry forward the fates of our ancestors, long forgotten for most of them but still not at peace. As a result, we struggle to find peace on account of past unresolved issues which do not belong to us. In family and systemic spiritual constellations the unresolved issues become visible.

We can accompany uneasy restless souls and soul fragments to peace and reconciliation. Sometimes the solutions cannot be found in the family system. If required we will work with past life issues. A touching example can be found in the book by Stéphane Allix: “When I was Someone Else”.

Deep experiences of healing from psychological injuries and new perspectives are possible, supported by a loving and benevolent group.
Your wishes and needs will determine the course of the seminar.


The Seminar

Familienaufstellung Berlin KreuzbergWe spend about 3,5 hours a day in the pool with AquaRelease®-Healing and the rest of the time in the seminar room with constellation work, integration and trauma therapy for personal and ancestor’s traumas.
The morning meditation supports the integration of the processes, opens and cleanses the energy channels of the body.
You can contemplate your life with deep clarity and make new decisions. Once again, you feel like a new born.


Aufstellungen, verlorener Zwilling - Seminare Berlin

Seminar location:

Located in Berlin, only 4o minutes by public bus from the airport. A nearby park invites you to take a walk.

Close by you can lodge in a Hotel and private holiday appartments.

We can assist in the search if needed. Please contact us if necessary.

Seminar start: Saturday, July 6th, 2024 at 4:pm
End of seminar: Thursday, July 11th, 2024 at 4:30 pm

Registration and payment by May 17 th 2024: 645 €
Registration and payment from May 18 th 2024: 695 €
Including pool use and energy cost sharing

For registration please send us an email…

From an email sent by Stefanie to the facilitators and all the participans of New Born 2019:

The wonderful seminar with you has resonated with me for a long time and it still does. Hugs to each and every one of you and I am glad to have met you! Despite the stress of everyday life I feel good for the first time in two years. My migraines have vanished for more than two weeks. I usually had them 2-3 days a week. This is a small miracle for me.
I recovered my strength and I am more in tune with myself. I feel calmer and more reconciled. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, because it was made possible through your intensity, your openness and acceptance, your laughter and your tears …

Video: Aqua-Release® Healing