Institute for Family Constellations, Systemic Constellations
and trauma therapy, Berlin

specialized in the vanishing twin/ solitary twin/surviving twin/wombtwin survivor issue since 1998

Alfred Ramoda Austermann
Bettina Austermann

For over 25 years, we have been working professionally with constellations, initially learning directly from Bert Hellinger and Gunthard Weber. We experience the healing and clarifying benefits of family constellations  in our own 25-year-long happy and fulfilling love relationship and probably would not have managed to stay together without Hellinger’s insights.

We founded the IFOSYS-Institut in the year 2000 to share our experiences combing the healing field and profound knowledge of family constellations with multi-layered trauma work.

The healing of the prenatal twin loss → is particularly close to our hearts. We wrote the book “The Surviving Twin Syndrome”/Drama in the Womb → in 2004 and brought this knowledge into the world. We are experts in helping alone-born twins to understand the deep wound and get along with it in daily life, professional life and in love life.

Unsere Seminarangebote zum Verlorenen Zwilling in Berlin ↑


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Further information on the vanishing twin syndrome/surviving twin syndrome you will find on our homepage koenigsweg-verlag.de