Seminar: Healing Paths for Surviving Twins with Aqua-Release® Healing


Healing paths for solitary twins (womb twin survivors)

– Intensive treatment for body, mind and soul

– Intense proximity in the womb to be relived.

♥ September 29 – October 4, 2024 in Berlin

This intensive seminar is for everyone who knows or suspects that he/she did not start the journey into life alone and looks for ways to heal this deep wound. There were twins in the womb and he/she has experienced the drama of the other one dying right next to him/her.
Many of those affected suffer from loneliness, longing, failures and deep feelings of guilt. Some experience constant anxiety. Many solitary twins tried to find relief by trying various therapies, but with little improvement.

Healing Paths for surviving twins with Aqua-Release® HealingWe work with Aqua-Release®-Healing, Energetic Traumatherapy (EFT), Biodynamic Body Psycho-therapy, involving rituals, trance journeys associated to other processes. In a protected and respectful group atmosphere healing can be supported so that joie de vivre, happiness, successful love relationships and contentment are restored.

Aqua-Release®-Healing is a deep healing work for the soul. It consists of Bio-Release Massage, deep relaxation, contactexercises. This psychotherapeutic approach is carried out in warm water and involves gentle support which dissolves mental blockages. This technique also involves other processes outside water.
This process was developed by the qualified psychologist Alfred R. Austermann, founded in 1991 and continuously developed since then. In warm water you will be held lovingly by your healing partner. You will start to float more and more, you will move with the flow and eventually merge with the water, with your neck relaxed and your limbs swaying in the water.
The tensions accumulated over the past weeks and months are washed away. You float in the womb, in the ocean, in space. Often memories of time with the twin emerge when everything was perfect. Old wounds of not being accepted but also the loss of the twin come back to consciousness with the associated pains and through lovingly being held finally heal. Likewise holding and giving can provide a deep and healing experience. You will be thoroughly briefed on how to hold your partner safely.

The ideal combination of being in and outside water with different therapeutical methods gently supports the opening of prenatal memories. After a caring and gentle launch in water the subsequent group sessions in the healing room provide a powerful experience.

You will be able to access the feeling of intimacy with the twin in the womb, and your heart will open up.
As you acknowledge the presence of your twin at the time you were sharing space in the womb, you will find peace.

Your quest will finally be fulfilled. At that stage, you will allow healing to take place with respect to the wounds and confusion you experienced. Some people need time to deal with the shock they went through when their twin died. The energy of pain and sorrow must be shaken to make space for the joy and gratitude associated with this Relief.

The love that was experienced stays in the heart for ever.

At some point it’s time to let go of the other for example with a farewell or funeral ritual. The energetic hole caused by the loss of the other can be allowed to heal and disappear. Everyone affected has their own personal path of healing. We support this with exercises and rituals in and outside water.

We spend around four hours a day in the pool and the same time in the seminar room.

Aufstellungen, verlorener Zwilling - Seminare BerlinSeminar location:

Located in the south of Berlin, only 40
minutes by public bus from the airport.

Close by you can lodge in Hotel Alpinia and private holiday apartments.

Further infos on request. We can help you finding a suitable accommodation.



Registration and payment by August 11th 2024: 645 €
Registration and payment from August  12th 2024: 695 €
Including pool use and energy cost sharing